About Us

The Northwoods Experience

Founded by Miranda Brist. Co-lead by Amy Stramer.


Northwoods Natural Wellness Center grew out of Miranda Brist's 20 years of experience in her family's holistic healthcare clinic (the former Brist Chiropractic) and her desire to carry on the family legacy. She continues to practice the unique assessment methods, nutritional therapies, and herbal wellness strategies she helped develop in the former family clinic.

Though the clinic is built on her years of healthcare experience, Miranda continues to be a student of traditional health care practices from around the world and is a total nerd for the newest research on how to use chemical plant compounds in healing strategies.

Amy is the foundation stone of the clinic. After nearly a decade of experience coaching patients and clients through difficult parts of their wellness journey, she's the perfect person to advise every single client through the everyday challenges they face during their health care plan. After Amy talks you through it, anything seems possible.

Currently, Northwoods Natural Wellness Center provides herbal strategy consultations and nutritional coaching. Miranda and Amy concentrate their efforts into helping folks find relief from chronic pain and other frustrating re-occurring symptoms that have not been successfully managed by conventional health care interventions: especially intestinal, respiratory, myofascial pain, and immune system complaints.

Can't wait for an appointment? Need ideas now?

Stop by Miranda and Amy's online holistic health education project: The Global Wellness Lab. You can download free wellness plan handbooks, browse articles to learn more about natural therapies for your symptoms, and ultimately, use the Lab's free tools to take your first step toward the life you want!

Our Team

Miranda (RJ) Brist

Clinical Herbalist

Miranda is a second-gen holistic health practitioner. She's been working in the field for 20 years - by turns as a chiropractic assistant, health educator, massage therapist, and clinical herbalist. She is obsessed with current research in the benefits of herbal and microbiome metabolites. She's also a world geography teacher and adores learning more about global ecosystems and cultures.

Amy Stramer

Patient Journey Specialist

Amy's goal is to to create a healthy space where every client can leave the office with a smile on their faces and a nutrition plan that brings them joy. When she is not at the office, Amy likes to do just about anything, especially fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and just immersing herself in the Great Outdoors. She's in love with the beauty of Minnesota and everything it has to offer.

Scope of Practice

Northwoods Wellness is not a place to find a medical diagnosis. Miranda and Amy are non-licensed natural health care providers (working under Minnesota Statute 146A.01); not licensed doctors, dieticians, or nutritionists. Rather than acting as primary care physicians, they are holistic health practitioners who provide complementary natural therapy education and lifestyle coaching to help you better manage your own health and wellness.